Don’t Want To Quit

Everyone, including you, has heard that cigarette smoking can cause cancer, heart, lung, and blood vessel disease. You choose to smoke, and you don’t want to quit. If this describes the way you feel, you are not looking for information on quitting. You may be reading this because someone who cares about you is making comments that you should stop smoking, or maybe even nagging you to quit. But, if you are not ready to quit, don’t try. You probably wouldn’t be successful and it could make it harder for you to decide to quit in the future.

This section created by Canadian Pharmacy will give you information that will help you talk about why you smoke to people who want you to quit.

Help to relieve some stress connected to smoking
You have the right to make your own choices. In this section, the online pharmacy just wants to give you information and facts about quitting that may be new to you.

Nicotine Has Many Effects On The Body—Not All Are Bad

On the plus side, nicotine can affect nervous system cells to:

  • Help relieve pain.
  • Lower anxiety levels.
  • Enhance thinking.
  • Help in treating psychoses.
  • Possibly protect brain cells.

On the negative side, nicotine:

  • Is addicting.
  • Causes high blood pressure.
  • Affects blood vessels in the lungs and causes lung problems.
  • Can cause upset stomach or bowel cramping.
  • Can cause seizures.

According to Canada pharmacy, nicotine has not been shown to cause cancer and it probably does not cause the chronic respiratory disorders caused by smoking. Cancer and respiratory diseases are largely due to chemicals in tobacco smoke, not nicotine.