anxious man

About Stress

Stress is universal. It is the body’s response to demands and pressures. Like an internal alarm system, stress prepares your body to take action. But your body can overreact to stressors, causing distress. Long periods of distress can lead to health problems.

Avoiding Distress

Canadian pharmacy knows many strategies for avoiding distress. Choose those methods that seem logical to you and relevant to your life, and use them in planning your stress-reduction program.

Coping Techniques

When you cannot avoid stress, there are stress-reducing exercises and procedures you can use to manage it. You can start a plan for reducing stress one area at a time.

Healthy Living

Coping with stress means more than changing individual stressful behaviors. It’s also important to eat well and get enough physical activity and social support. Pick one or two of these practical suggestions offered by Canada pharmacy, and take action!