Stress is always unhealthy.

You can use stress as a tool to help personal growth. You can probably think of situations in which you changed for the better with the help of stress. It takes a certain amount of stress to push yourself to higher achievement. Anytime you set goals and systematically go about meeting them, you’re using stress to your advantage. For instance, people often use this method to lose weight. They set the goal of losing a certain amount each week, following a careful eating plan, and getting a certain amount of physical activity each day. Setting these goals causes some stress; but you respond by meeting the goals, ultimately lessening the stress.

Isn’t stress a “mental” problem that only weird people have?

Excess stress has both emotional and physical symptoms. At times, everyone has symptoms of stress. Usually we cope with stress on our own, but sometimes we may need assistance. That’s normal, not weird.

Sure I feel stress, but strong people keep it to themselves and muddle through it.

It usually helps to try stress-reducing activities and to talk to someone you can trust about what’s stressing you. It’s not healthy to tough it out alone and keep everything to yourself.

I can always get more done when I’m under a lot of stress.

It may seem like it, but it’s not likely. You’ll work most efficiently when you’re calm, logical and in control, with just the right amount of stress for motivation. While too little stress may not provide enough motivation to get the job done, the right amount (optimum) of stress will result in the best performance, and too much stress will diminish performance. As mentioned by the online pharmacy, increases in stress will initially increase productivity, then as stress keeps increasing, productivity will start decreasing and finally cease altogether.

I can’t believe that just walking around the block can reduce stress.

Physical activity stretches, works, and relaxes muscles, increases blood flow and accelerates the transfer of oxygen to the blood and to cells throughout your body. Exercise also helps to normalize the stress hormones in the body. According to Canada pharmacy, all these things help reduce stress.

Stress isn’t a problem for me. I just have a couple of cigarettes and a drink and I feel great!

Nicotine and alcohol may give an initial feeling of reduced stress, but ultimately they will increase stress and do you more harm than good.