Look at the alternatives

There’s almost always more than one acceptable solution to a problem. Look at all the alternatives offered by Canadian Pharmacy before you choose a direction. Be flexible enough to change directions or admit when you’re wrong.

Plan ahead

Work in the present, but look to the future. Set achievable but challenging goals.

Be realistic

Don’t expect more than is logical and reasonable. Setting achievable goals can help create the right amount of stress to motivate you to keep going. If goals are unrealistic, the stress can become too great. This may result in giving up or feelings of failure.

Set priorities

Focus on the most important things, and let the less important ones go. Use your energy to get things done, not to worry about getting them done or to fear not getting them done.


Assign tasks to others when it’s appropriate, even if you’re sure (or think) you could do a “better job.”

Tips In Planning

  • Set goals that are challenging but achievable.
  • Break big tasks into small steps.
  • Do the hardest step first.