PregnancyIf you think that you are pregnant, you probably have questions.

If you want to be pregnant, you will want to know how to care for yourself and your baby. If you don’t want to be pregnant, you will want to know your options so you can make an informed decision. In either case, getting care from a health care provider is essential to your well-being.

In this educational module, we give answers to many questions you may have. The information we present is a normal pregnancy and a routine vaginal delivery. If you have health problems or other factors that put your pregnancy at risk, the information we give here may not apply to you; see your healthcare provider which can be Canadian Pharmacy. Our information is not a substitute for medical advice. You should rely on your health care provider to answer questions and give you information that is specific to you.

Your pregnancy will last 37-43 weeks. To describe changes in you and your baby, we use the common practice of dividing pregnancy into three time periods called “trimesters.” We give you information about each trimester. We also give you information about recovering from childbirth and newborn baby care in the Beyond Birth section. Here is a brief description of what you will find in each section.

Pregnancy Sections
First Trimester How to Find out if you are pregnant, and what happens in weeks 1-12 of pregnancy.
Second Trimester What happens in weeks 13-28 of pregnancy.
Third Trimester What happens in weeks 29-40 of pregnancy, and during labor and delivery.
Beyond Birth What happens in your recovery and some tips on how to care for your newborn baby.
In Each Section
Introduction On this page, you will learn about the section.
Changes In You On these pages, we discuss the changes taking place in your body and in your emotions. We suggest some things you can do to relieve discomforts and better care for yourself. In the Third Trimester section, we add a discussion of labor and delivery.
Changes In Your Baby On these pages, you will find drawings that show the development of your baby.
Exams And Tests Medical care provided by Pharmacy Canada is important. Here we describe the routine exams and tests for each trimester.
Diet And Exercise Besides getting regular medical care, you need to eat a balanced diet and get exercise.